Best BBQ in Brooklyn
August 26, 2016

World-Beating Brooklyn BBQ near Baltic

Time-honored, slow-cooked barbecue is perhaps America’s greatest culinary contribution. While Brooklyn has acted as a hub for international cuisines for centuries, Baltic’s Park Slope locale also features classically American barbecue, often with a twist. These five restaurants serve some of the best barbecue not just north of the Mason-Dixon line, but in the world, establishing Park Slope as a somewhat unlikely mecca of elite Southern cuisine.

Pig Beach | 480 Union Street

Billing itself as "an alchemy of multiple cooking disciplines," Pig Beach serves globally inspired barbecue, offering dishes like yuzu-glazed smoked duck and za’atar rubbed leg of lamb, as well as a more traditional Yankee red hot sausage. The range of dishes is matched by its beverage roster, which feature a curated selection of craft beers from local breweries and an excellent wine list, including the delicious white “Salty Rinse.”

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que | 604 Union Street

The rather generous portions here, from the jumbo chicken wings to the full rack of twelve ribs, are smothered in a choice of house-made, umami glazes. Born in Rochester, this Park Slope outpost has lines out the door, so we recommend making a reservation. Fortunately, the option of takeout makes Dinosaur Bar-B-Que the perfect stop on your way home.

Insa | 328 Douglass Street

Insa’s inventive BBQ offers samgyeopsal (thick-sliced pork belly), bolsal (pork jowl), and honghab & jogae (mussels and clams). Their “for-the-table” selection is just as enticing: the seafood & scallion pancake and the beef tartare with egg yolk and shrimp nori chips are both highly recommended. There are also five private karaoke rooms, which can be reserved for parties.

Wangs | 671 Union Street

Wangs combines Southern soul food and East Asian flavors to create some of the best-tasting barbecue chicken on the East Coast. Organic meat is the foundation for the trademark “wangs,” covered in a fiery, sweet chili glaze, and for other inspired dishes like the fried chicken sandwich packed with pâté, cilantro lime aioli, jalapeños, cucumber, and pickled carrot.

Pork Slope | 247 5th Avenue

Puns aside, this roadhouse restaurant is part dive bar/part honky-tonk joint and has a comprehensive whiskey selection, as well as excellent barbecue. Menu highlights include the fried shrimp, the chicken and waffle sliders, and the Porky Melt—a sublime sandwich of pulled pork, cheddarwurst, grilled onions, and mustard.