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Park Slope takes its name from its location to the north and west of Prospect Park and is known for its brownstones and Beaux Arts apartment houses, most of which were constructed in the late 19th century.

While it’s true that Park Slope ranks as one of New York City’s most idyllic neighborhoods, its appeal goes beyond impressive architecture, tree-lined streets, and great restaurants and nightlife. Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s famed green oasis, was designed by the same team that made Central Park a reality. Although Prospect Park may be smaller than its Manhattan sibling, its meadows, hills, and ravines leave ample room for ambling, and it’s far less crowded. The large lake at the southern end of the park provides a hard-to-beat place to truly unwind amid the bustle of Brooklyn.

Simply walking to the park from Baltic is enjoyable. The mural-splashed Café Regular du Nord provides a distinctly French aesthetic on a bucolic side street where fashion magazines and the Times Literary Supplement are offered on wooden racks. At the same time, a second-story roof garden winding its vines down to the street infuses an Asian flair while English row houses contribute their own stately character to the neighborhood between 7th and 8th Avenues. All of these elements remind one daily that the world is within reach—even as one is happily at home in Park Slope.

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